Friday, 6 December 2013


Hello everyone!
Today I am reviewing Lakme Lip Gloss in shade Strawberry. It is a kind of so so lip gloss, the thing which I like about this gloss that it has a very nice strawberry flavor :p so, if by mistake your tongue gets on the lips :P it tastes very sweet like strawberries which is a plus point for me :P Anyways, coming to the review

Lakme Strawberry Lip Gloss

Price :- Rs. 175 for 15 ml

What the company claims :-
Lip-smacking flavor in a hi-shine gloss for your lips.

Packaging :-
It comes in a transparent slant tube packaging with a transparent screw cap. You can easily see the color of product through the tube and the quantity left in it but due the slant tube it is a little bit difficult for me to apply the gloss.

Strawberry flavor

Likes :-
- Cheap and affordable
- Has a nice sheen
- Nice flavor

Dislikes :-
- very bad pigmentation
- Feels really heavy on lips
- Really very sticky
- Packaging is very cheap 
- Ingredient list is not available
- Lack of shades available in this range
- Transfers on face easily spoiling your look
- Not apt for pigmented lips

                                                       OVERALL VERDICT
It is a very mediocre product from Lakme. I really didn't expected that it would be so mediocre like when you apply it on lips it just looks like that you are wearing some transparent gloss which is only shining on your lips and it may transfer on your face , the only thing which I like about this gloss is it is a nice strawberry flavor which you would also like but the quality of this product is very average. And the scariest part is that the ingredient list is not available. You don't know what are you going to apply on your lips like at least ingredient list should have been provided but sadly it is not. And it really feels sticky and heavy on lips too, like you will always have a feeling that you have wore something on your lips which is very irritating. I think most of the people are not going to like it maybe people who like glosses with a transparent shine finish may like it but beauties who are looking for good pigmentation should definitely not purchase this.

RECOMMENDATION :- No, i will definitely not recommend it to anyone and only those people should buy these gloss who like transparent finish on lips.

Will I repurchase it again? :- No, never , I am never going to purchase it again.

RATING :- 2/5

So, this was my review on LAKME STRAWBERRY LIP GLOSS, for more upcoming reviews , STAY CONNECTED.


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