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Today I am going to review a hair spray from Gatsby. Gatsby is a company of hair sprays,gels and hair creams it has hair products for both men and women.I was looking for a good hair spray so that when styling my hair I could set my curls although I use streax hairspray but it was not available at that time and my eyes fell on this and I thought to give it a try. It comes in three variants :- Normal Hold, Super hold and Extreme Hold, I purchased the Super Hold one ,so here isit's review:-

Gatsby Super Hard Hair Spray
Price :- Rs. 140 for 250 ml

What the company claims:- Strong setting power for a firm style.
- Fine mist evenly coats hair for a stylish and long lasting hairstyle.
- Without visible residue.
- With shine effect.
- Non sticky.
- Helps to rotect hair from UV rays.
- Natural and refreshing citrus scent.

How to use :- Shake the can well before use. Hold the can upright & spray at a distance of 15 to 25 cm from hair. Do not brush or comb once the hair is set or dried.


Gatsby Super Hard Hair Spray

Packaging :- I quite liked the packaging ,it is a silver colored spray bottle with a black screw cap and let me tell you people one thing that the bottle is really crack resistant and the spray is also very nice as it takes out the adequate amount of liquid anyways the main thing which I don't liked about it's packaging is that it is not a transparent bottle as you can't see how much product is left inside otherwise I have no complaints with the packaging.

- Very affordable and cheap compared to other hair sprays
- Gives super hard hold
- Has a nice citrusy fragrance which doesn't irritates my nose :P
- Gives a nice shine to hair 
- Doesn't leaves any kind of residue on hair.

- Contains parabens
- It does not coats evenly each and every strand of hair
- Really coarse in texture it makes hair really rough.

                                                          OVERALL VERDICT
It is a nice product from Gatsby as it does it's job nicely in holding my curls but hey! if after spraying it on my hair my hair becomes so hard that I have to wash my hair to comb properly and one plus point of this spray is that it is unisex as anyone can apply it on for setting the hair. It has a nice fragrance it also gives shine to the hair but it only coats the outer layer of hair and does not coat each and every strand.

RECOMMENDATION:- Yes, I will totally recommend it to you people to give it a try as it is a nice product from Gatsby.

WILL I REPURCHASE IT ? No, because I want to try other hair sprays from Matrix and Tresemme so I am not going to purchase it again. And one more reason is that it does not coats my hair evenly.

RATING :- 3/5.

So this was my review on Gatsby Super Hard Set And Keep Hair Spray Review for more upcoming reviews STAY CONNECTED.


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