Friday, 29 November 2013


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Today I am posting about how to naturally cure cuts. Cuts are one thing which we usually face in our day to day life, I don't even remember how many cuts I have got while cutting things or chopping vegetables and it really stings when a very sharp knife slits your finger or hand resulting into bleeding and stinging and you are not even able to stop it immediately but listen my friends you can stop it immediately by applying some things which are easily available in your home and kitchen. So here are some natural cures for healing cuts :-

i) Honey :- Honey has been used for since 5000 years for it's healing and anti-bacterial properties. Whenever you have a cut just put honey straight on it. Honey is also really useful in burns, ulcers etc. Don't doubt about it because honey is also widely used in many types of medicinal creams for curing wounds.

ii) Turmeric :- Turmeric is widely known for it's anti-sceptic and healing properties and in Ayurveda it is being used since ages and have cured many types of diseases both internally and externally. Whenever I am in kitchen and I keep getting cuts so turmeric is a really useful thing for me because instantly within minutes absorbs all the sensation and stinging and also stops bleeding immediately.

iii) Garlic :- It may confuse you but yes my friends garlic is really useful in curing minor cuts and whenever you have a small cut or so just crack a garlic and pur it's juice on the affected are but remember one thing apply it on minor cuts.


iv) Aloe-vera :- Aloe-vera is also a really popular plant worldwide for it's healing and medicinal properties.
It is really effective in curing cuts, wounds and burns. Just open up the leaf of an aloe-vera plant and scoop out the transparent gel from the leaf and apply it on the effective part it instantly gives relief on the affected part. It also helps in moisturizing the skin and heals the cut faster.

v) Alum :- Alum (phitkiri) is also useful for stopping blood coming out from cuts. In earlier times when men used to shave they use alum for stopping the blood if the had any cut due to razor and it has anti-bacterial properties too. Whenever you have a cut just rub a piece of alum on it and bleeding will stop immediately.

- Whenever you have a cut immediately wash the cut with clean water as it will stop foreign bodies from entering your blood vessels.
- Avoid touching or doing anything to the cut as it will irritate the skin and may cause in more pain.
- Be sure to keep the cut clean, covered and moisturized as moisturizing will not lead to itching so that you will not have ugly scars on the particular area.
- If cuts are very large and bleeding doesn't stops please consult a doctor as soon as possible.

So this was my article on curing cuts naturally for more upcoming articles and natural remedies STAY CONNECTED.


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