Saturday, 23 November 2013


Hello Everyone!
Today I am reviewing a lovely product from Amway Artistry. As my father is a member of amway so we keep buying products from it. This product is for all dusky to wheatish skin tone people as I have a fair to medium skin tone but then also I purchased this product as I just wanted to know that does it really works:P
so here is my review-

Amway Artistry Pure White Essence (30 ml)

Amway Artistry Pure White Essence
This product is will be really useful for people who have dusky to dark skin tone and it is totally natural so I don't think that it will cause any harm to someone's skin as artistry is on 5th number in the world for their skincare products. When you apply it, it doesn't makes your skin fair or so but it does increases skin's luminosity and makes it supple and smooth. But for good results you have to apply it for two weeks or so regularly. Ypour complexion will enhance for sure but if you stop using it you skin tone will come back to the way it used to be.
Price  - Rs. 2100                                            
Amway Artistry Pure White Essence

After Applying Pure White Essence
- evens out complexion if use regularly
- brightens the skin tone
- moisturizing
- nice packaging
- convenient to use.

- really very expensive for 30ml
-not available in India as it is imported from U.S.A
-doesn't has spf
-it can be drying for people who have dry skin.

                                                                  OVERALL VERDICT
this is a product for people who have dusky to dark skin complexion. It will work for them and it is also effective in removing tan I had a good experience with this product,. It's effects are not everlasting so you have to keep using it. It is really very expensive as I purchased it in Rs. 2100.

RECOMMENDATION - I totally recommend it to you people as it is a good buy for those who have wheatish to dark complexion.

Will I repurchase it? - Yes, for my father because he has wheatish complexion but for myself ? not at all.


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