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Hello Everyone!
Today I am reviewing sun block from Lotus herbals. Lotus herbals has a wide variety of sunblocks and sunscreen ranging from spf 24 to spf 50 & 60 from gels to creams, , anyways, the product which I have purchased is Lotus herbals safe sun intensive sunblock spray spf 50.
Lotus Herbals Sun Block SPF 50

Price :- Rs. 195 for 80 ml

What the company claims :-

SAFE SUN intensive sunblock spray provides broad spectrum UVA AND UVB protection, the convenient fine mist spray offers easy and quick protection. It is a non greasy formula that absorbs quickly providing a fresh and clean feel. It contains active herbal extracts of sage- natural sunscreen, chamomile -moisturizing , thyme - protects from environmental damages.

Ingredients :-

 The ingredients list was so long that I posted the picture of ingredients instead of a written description :P

Packaging :-
It is an oranged color spray bottle with a tint of little bit of yellow and a screw cap. The packaging is quite nice and convenient to use as Lotus's products mainly comes in spray bottles so this is not any different but it s fine to work with.

Directions to use :- Spray on all exposed parts of the body including arms,legs,neck and face. Re-apply frequently.

Likes :-
- consistency is runny which I like because it gets absorbed in skin very quickly
- convenient to use and carry around
- sweatproof and waterproof
- doesn't leaves any kind of sweaty feeling behind
- it really does protects from sun's harmful rays
- doesn't lets skin get tanned
- it is moisturizing so you don't need to apply your moisturizer
- quantity is good and a very little quantity is used for applying it.

Dislikes :-
- contains parabens
- can be a little drying for dry skin.

                                                   OVERALL VERDICT
This is a nice product from Lotus Herbals which has done it's job fairly with me when I went outside in harsh sunlight and when I came back after two or 3 hours I didn't saw any tan on my face which is a plus point for this sunblock. Smell was fine it didn't irritated my nose and it was also not made up or artificial. It didn't broke my out as I didn't saw any pimples or acne on my face after applying this which I really like. It is apt for sensitive skin too. I personally really liked this product.

RECOMMENDATION :- Yes, I will recommend it to everyone.

Will I repurchase it ? :- Yes, I will because I quite like this product.

RATING :- 4.5/5 

So this was my review on Lotus Herbals Sublock SPF 50 for more upcoming reviews STAY CONNECTED.


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