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Today, I am posting the recipe of Indian fish curry. In India, there are many types of fish curries changing from one state to another. As in West Bengal the taste of fish curry is different and is also known as SHORSHE MAACH whereas in south India there are different types of curries with different names. But what I am going to post today is a north Indian style fish curry which is really delicious and is mainly cooked in garlic-mustard paste.

prep. time :- 30 min.
cooking time :- 45 min.
total time taken :- 1 hour 15 min
Makes 6 service

Ingredients :-
1 kg tuna/rohu fish
for marination
i) 1 tsp turmeric
ii) 1 tsp red chilli powder
iii) 1 tsp Minced garlic
iv) 1 tsp mustard powder
v) salt to taste
v) Mustard Oil for deep frying

For curry
i) 5 tsp Mustard paste
ii) 2 whole garlic cloves
iii) 2 tomatoes pureed or chopped
iv) 1 tsp turmeric
v) 3 tsp red chilli
vii) Mustard oil for frying
viii) half tsp panchforan 

For panchforan :-
It is a blend of spices for giving an aromatic touch to the dish and is a really important ingredient and is made up of 5 spice which are :-
Mustard (sarso)
Fennel seeds (saunf)
Carom seeds ( ajwain )
Fenugreek seeds (methi)
Nigella/onion seed (mangrail)


i) Wash fish thoroughly with water and salt. Salt is very helpful in cleaning impurities from fish easily. Mix all the ingredients of marination together in a bowl and than put the fish into it and let it rest for 15 minutes so that th fish absorbs all the flavors from spices.

ii) Make a paste of garlic and mustard and keep it aside.

iii) Heat mustard oil in a kadhai and put the marinated fish into it. Fry it till it is golden brown.

iv) When the fish is nice golden brown than take out the fish from oil and keep it on a tissue paper. Then the leftover oil in which the fish was fried has the flavors of fish so, we don't have to discard that oil, because that oil contains lots of flavors so we will make the curry in that flavorful oil.
v) Put the panchforan in the kadhai and fry for 2 minutes and than add mustard and garlic paste, pureed tomatoes, turmeric and red chilli powder and fry it till it becomes red and the curry starts g a nice aromatic smell and don't forget to leave the kadhai for even a minute because if you stop frying it for a minute than it will be burned so just keep frying it till it becomes red and when the paste is totally fried than add 2 cups of water in it or according to your measurement if you want it to be a little bit runny than 3 cups of water is fine and if you want it to be of medium consistency then add 2 cups of water and if you want thick gravy than add one and a half cup of water.
vi) And than let it simmer for 5 minutes.

vii) After simmering the curry for 5 minutes add fried fish into it and simmer it for 2 minutes. Don't simmer it for long as it may disturb the fish firmness or it will make the fish too soggy, so, just simmer it for two minutes and turn off the flame.

viii) Put it in a serving bowl and serve hot.

So, this was my recipe of Indian Style Fish Curry for more upcoming recipes, STAY CONNECTED.


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