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Hello Everyone!
Today, I am going to post about the benefits of baking soda for the.You must have seen baking soda included in most of my posts. But today I am going to post solely about the baking soda and it's uses related to the skin. So here it is :-

Baking Soda
i) Effective cleanser :- It is a really good face wash. It is very effective in removing makeup and scrubbing too as it is a natural scrubber. You can also use it as face pack. Just mix baking soda in warm water to form a fine paste.And apply this paste after washing the face with fresh water and apply the paste and massage it with light hands in circular motion and when it is totally dry than wash it with warm water and pat-dry.

ii) Removes dead cells :- Baking Soda is really beneficial in removing dead cells. Dead cells extorts glow and brightness from our skin and makes it look under-nourished. Baking soda is a good cleanser for removing dead cells . that's why whenever you use cleanser at night just mix 1 tsp of baking soda and massage it with light hands.. If you have oily skin than mix 1 tsp of baking soda with 1 tsp of fine oatmeal and make a paste with warm water and massage it on face and neck. Each and every dead cell will be removed by doing this.

iii) Increase beauty of feet :p :- We generally don't give much attention to our body in this busy schedule and in this busy schedule baking soda can help you in minutes. Rush happening during all the day long affects the legs and feet the most and makes t vulnerable. Baking soda will help in regaining the beauty back. Just fill a tub with 4 liters of warm water and  put half cup baking soda into it. Put you legs and feet in the water for half an hour and than after pat-drying apply some good moisturizer. It will thoroughly cleanse your feet and will make it soft and supple.

iv) Cures sunburn :- while travelling during summers many people get sunburns. Whenever something like this happens to you just apply mixture of baking soda and water on the affected part and let it dry it will instantly give you relief from sunburns.

v) Makes nails healthy :- Just put your hands in a diluted mixture of baking soda and water and than scrub the cuticles of your nails with that water. If your nails have any kind of infection than mix 2 tsp of baking soda with 1 tsp of water and apply it on the affected part for 10 minutes and wash it. Do this two times in a day.

Some Important Tips :-
Some people are allergic to baking soda. If you find any kind of irritation on your skin after applying it just stop using it.

So ,this was my article on benefits of baking soda, for ore upcoming articles STAY CONNECTED.


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