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Hello Everyone!
Today I am reviewing Phytomer complexion Recovery Moisturizing Cream SPF-15. I got this cream in My Envy Box November edition, as they send samples , so this was a sample in a tube of 5 ml. Though the tube was really small but due to the quality and efficacy of the cream you can use it 10 times and it is writtn on the back of info card too.

Phytomer Complexion Recovery Moisturizing Serum

 Price :- Rs. 3026 for 50 ml 

Ingredients :- 

Packaging :- The 5 ml cream comes in a light blue colored tube with a screw cap which is very convenient to use. Each and every description is given upon the back of the tube except the price. Price is maybe not given because it is a sample and cam to me in a beauty subscription box.

How to use :- 
Directions for use

What the company claims :-

Info Card

Likes :-
- Moisturizing enough
- Makes complexion bright and luminous
- Lightens the blemishes and acne and burn marks
- Smell is very mild
- Less than  pea-sized amount is needed for whole face
- Has SPF-15

Dislikes :-
- Very expensive
- Not enough moisturizing for dry skin

                                                           OVERALL VERDICT
It is an amazing product from phytomer. I applied this cream on my chicken pox marks, as you all know that chicken pox marks are so stubborn that they say for years but this cream actually made my pox marks relatively light and for applying it on the affected area for 10 days my marks were absolutely gone and it also lightened my burn mark which was on my wrist. I have oily to combination skin so I didn't had any problem with the moisturizing factor but it can be drying for people with dry skin so they must apply a moisturizer before this for adequate moisturization. Less than  pea-sized amount is needed for applying it on whole face which is just so wonderful as you don't have to apply a lot of cream on your face which is a good part of it. It also has SPF-15 as written on the ingo card and on tube but I can't say exactly that how much it is going to protect you from sunrays can't be sure about it because I haven't steppe outside without a good quality sunblock so can't tell about it's sun protecting factor.
Anyways, a really very nice and lovely product from Phytomer.

RECOMMENDATION : Yes, i will recommend it to everyone.

Will I repurchase it again? :- UndoubtedlyYes, I would love to purchase it again and a bigger size cream tub :P

RATING : 5/5 

So, this was review of Phytomer Complexion Recovery Moisturizing Cream, for more upcoming review STAY CONNECTED.


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