Wednesday, 4 December 2013


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Today, I am posting about BEAUTY TIPS WHILE TRAVELLING. As, we all know that we always try to put at least things with us . The compromise starts with our own things. The thing which we leave first is the make-up kit. So, what should we do to retain our beauty while travelling ? Given below are the valuable tips through which we can retain our beauty.

i) Tissue Paper :- Tissue papers are easily available in any hotel. You can use tissue paper to remove your make-up or if you are travelling with your baby than you can use baby wipes for removing all the dirt or any kind of make-up from your face. This will reduce the space of cleanser and you can have clean and beautiful skin anywhere.

ii) Tomato Ketchup :- For instantly glowing skin, just mix 1 glass of warm water with 4 tsp of tomato ketchup and wash you face with it. Your face will instantly have a glowing appearance.

iii) Coco Powder :- While travelling, if you have got a pouch or a sachet of coco powder than don't leave it, collect extra sachets of coco and milk powder and mix it with sugar and water to make an outstanding face pack. And this face pack is be loaded with anti-oxidants and it returns your natural moisture of face making it soft,supple and smooth.

iv) Ice :- For increasing the beauty of your eyes, you can use ice which is easily available in any hotel. Just crush a little bit of ice and put it into a handkerchief and fold it and than put it on your eyes and keep it for 1 minute each alternatively and do it for 5 minutes. Apply vaseline or eye cream on your eyes.

v) Banana :- Banana is a multi-functional fruit which can be used for many things like conditioning hair or as a face mask and one more benefit of this fruit is that it is available everywhere. You can apply mashed banan on your face and hair for 15 minutes. Don't let it sit for more than 15 minutes because it can be sticky and you might have problem to remove it so just apply it for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. Your face and hair will regain it's lost beauty.

vi) Vaseline :- If you have to tick by whole night in train, flight or bus travelling than before going to sleep apply a hand full of vaseline or a good quality moisturizer on your face by doing this your face will be 10 times more glowing in the morning and you will look extremely beautiful.

So, this was my article on natural beauty tips while travellling, for more natural cures and articles about natural healing, STAY CONNECTED.


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