Saturday, 7 December 2013


Hello everyone!
Today I am reviewing Elle 18 Eye Liner. As I have reviewed a lipstick from elle 18 earlier which is here.
Elle 18 Black Out Eye Liner
Price :- Rs. 65 for 5 ml

What the company claims :-
Nothing is claimed by the company nor the ingredient list is available. The only thing which is written is that it contains rose water and nothing else.

Packaging :-
It has a glass pot packaging with a screw cap what I like about the packaging is the picture of the girl on the cap otherwise nothing is nice about this eyeliner.

Likes :-
- Very cheap
- Dries very faster

Dislikes :-
- It is a very watery kind of eye liner
- Application is very rough and is not smooth
- After 1 hour of application a lot of creasing can be seen
- Staying power is very less
- It's water-resistant but not waterproof

                                                                      OVERALL VERDICT
This is a very mediocre product. I don't even like the applicator as, it is very tough for me to apply a nice coat of eye liner. personally one more thing which I liked about it was that it is very very cheap like just Rs. 65 for 5 ml I mean really very cheap anyways the pigmentation is fine and it dries off very quickly too which is the good part but it has bad sides more than the good sides as it is not water proof and not even water resistant just a tiny drop of water can spoil your whole eyeliner which is very disappointing . Just a cheap product from elle 18 that's it.

RECOMMENDATION :- I will only recommend it to those people who want a cheap water based eye liner otherwise I don't recommend it to anyone.

Will I repurchase it again? :- No, never, I am never going to purchase it again.

RATING :- 2/5

So, this was my review on Elle 18 black out eye liner, for more upcoming reviews STAY CONNECTED.


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