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Today I am going to review olay natural white 3in1 fairness serum. I have used other variants of olay natural white and have quite liked it except the greasiness because I have oily skin. this one is the latest variant of the olay natural white series as they claim that it contains natural ingredients but I don't know because there is no mention of ingredients neither on their outer cardboard pack no on their serum tube. When I saw these on the shelf of the store I thought to give it a buy.I purchase the smallest pack available as I just wanted to give it a try so here it is :-
Olay Natural White 3in1 Fairness Serum
Olay Natural White 3in1 Fairness Serum

What The Company Claims :-

                                               What olay claims about 3in1 natural serum

Price :- Rs. 49 fo 20g (there were bigger sizes too)

Likes :-
- It is very affordable
- Non-greasy, it doesn't makes the face look oily
-Consistency is thick so it can be applied in winters too but depends on the dryness of skin
-It blends very easily and gets absorbed quickly.
-No fuss in applying it
-If used for a long time regularly it slightly increases brightness of the skin.
-contains ingredients like saffron,turmeric and rose.

-Total ingredients are not mentioned on the pack as always
-It will not make your skin fairer it is only going to make your skin bright and nothing else
-can be bit drying for dry skin people
Olay Natural White 3in1 Fairness serum
-UV protection is mentioned but no SPF content is mentioned
-Didn't liked it's smell, it has a smell like shampoos which is really irritating for me
Consistency Is Thick
After applying Olay Natural White 3in1 Fairness Serum

                                                        OVERALL VERDICT
At a very generous price they have a great product though I didn't liked it's smell but I can't say that  everyone will dislike it as my mother found it's smell quite pleasant so I can't be sure about everyone regarding the smell.the company claims that it is a fairness serum but it is more like a thick cream anyways it is definitely one of the cheapest and relating to it's price is a good product of Olay and the tube is super handy and you can put it anywhere. It is thick in consistency but when applied on face it glides very smoothly and gets totally absorbed. So from the view of price this is a wonderful product and everyone must give it a try.
Recommendation- Yes, I totally recommend it to you people as it is a very nice product of olay at such an affordable price.

Will I Repurchase It? - No, just because of the smell otherwise I would have purchase it again for sure.

So this was my review on Olay Natural White 3in1 Natural White Fairness Serum, for more upcoming reviews STAY CONNECTED.


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