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Many natural things are really effective in treating acne and I myself suffered from it alot in my adolescence  I moved towards chemical creams but it didn't helped me much. SO I started using natural home remedies for my acne problem and now I have a really clear skin.So here are some natural remedies for treating acne :-

i) Lemon juice :- If you have oily Skin Lemon juice can do wonders for you as it is a natural astringent but dry skin people should be away from this as it it will make their skin more dry. Lemon juice is a natural remedy for removing excess oil from face and will help in reducing acne.

ii) Green Tea :- It is extremely effective in healing and reducing acne. Green tea naturally detoxifies the body and emoves impurities from it drinking it and applying ice cubes of it is really effective in treating acne as well as increasing metabolism rate.

 iii) Neem (Margosa) :- Neem is extremely effective in treating acne as it totally decreases the size of pimple eventually leading to a very clear skin it also helps in treating chicken pox marks I use Himalaya Neem Pack you can use any other brand too and dry skin people should not use neem as it will make their skin more dry.

iv) Remove excess oil, dirt and free radicals from your skin :- People with acne should exfoliate their skin weekly so that skin remains clean and free of whiteheads and blackheads but emember don't over exfoliate your face otherwise it will lead to more acne just gently clean it with a gentle and mild cleanse and after that apply gentle scrub and then neem pack it will really help you in getting glowing skin.

v) Baking Soda :- Baking soda is commonly found in many toothpastes, creams as it has cleansing properties. Mix equal parts of baking soda and water to form a paste. Apply the paste on acne individually. Not over the entire face.
- Leave the baking soda paste on you face for about 10 minutes or until dry.
- Wash face with cold water as it close the pores.
- repeat two times a day if you feel a little bit irritation or so or your skin becomes too oily discontinue using it.

So this was my article on treating acne for more beauty articles STAY CONNECTED ;)


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