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Today ,I am reviewing Pond's pure white facial foam. This is a facial foaming face wash like most of pond's face washes and the main point about this facial foam is that it contains activated carbon. Activated carbon is basically used in purifying materials and water. Pond's took this idea and included this cleansing ingredient in it's face wash.
Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam 

Price:- Rs. 85 for 50 gm

myristic acid,glycerin,water propylene glycol , potassium hydroxide , palmatic acid & stearic acid , decyl glucoside , lauric acid , glycol distearate , glyceryl stearate , polyquatrenium 7 , DmDm hydantoin &iodoproppynyl , butylcarbamate , niacinamide , charcoal powder , carbon , perfume , disodium edta.

What the company claims :-
  • Formulated with activated carbon this face wash with black activated carbon helps absorb and lift away the black dirt and impurities from skin surface and deep within pores . Helping to reduce the cause of blemish to help reveal your natural pure white looking skin.
  • Contains activated carbon
  • Easily absorbs and lift away the black impurities
  • Helps to reduce the causes of blemishes
How to use :-
wet your face, foam the cleanser , apply to face with gentle massage , and than rinse off.

Packaging :- 
It comes in a black colored with a flip cap like most of pond's products.

Likes :-
- Contains activated carbon
- Packaging is nice
- Very affordable
- Available everywhere
- Cleanses really very well
- Travel-friendly
- Only a pea sized amount is required for washing face
- Didn't broke me out
- Fragrance is fine and very non-irritating

- Rips out moisture from face

                                                           OVERALL VERDICT
It is a one of the best products of pond's because the way it cleanses your face is amazing. Like when you will apply you toner than you will not see a single hint of dirt or impurity on your cotton ball. When I applied my lotus basiltone toner ( review here ) on my face and when I saw my cotton it was totally clean like totally white. I was totally amazed that this product is so so good. Due to the activated carbon this facial foam rips out all the impurities from your face as you can see in the above picture that it is a grey colored ,thick textured cream like cleanser and it's color is grey due to the charcoal powder and activated carbon. Only a pea sized amount is needed and it will make a lot of foam which will cover all of your face but one drawback of this face wash is this that it rips of moisture from your face you will feel like that your skin have become so dry.
 But there is a solution of that you can apply a good moisturizer but dry skin type people should not use this facial foam as it will make their skin more dry.  Anyways, I don't care that it makes my skin  dry because I apply moisturizer after it so for such cleansing property I will definitely buy it again.

RECOMMENDATION :- Yes , but  recommend it to only oily to combination skin type people.

Will I repurchase it? :- Yes , it  is an amazing product from pond's and I will definitely buy it again.

RATING :- 4.5/5

So, this was my review of Pond's Pure White Deep Facial Foam for more upcoming review, STAY CONNECTED.


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