Monday, 2 December 2013


Hello Everyone!
Today I am posting about making hands soft and beautiful naturally. By using these tips you will not have to spend money on expensive skincare products as the below things will be easily available in your home. Hands and feet are the most vulnerable past of the body when it comes to exposure and during winters our hands and feet become too flaky and dry. For combating these problems here are some tips and remedies :-

i) At home manicure and pedicure :- Generally people go to salons for manicure and pedicure but you can easily do it at your home on your own preferences Whenever you get time just fill a tub half with warm water and put some shampoo, salt and hydrogen peroxide and put your legs in the tub for 15 minutes and than rub your feet with pumice stone, by using pumice stone each and every particle of dirt will be removed from the feet and take out your feet from the tub after washing it thoroughly from clean water, pat-dry it and apply a good moisturizer. You can do the same thing with the hands too.

ii) Drink lots of water :- Drink lots of water around 12 glasses a day and it is very beneficial for your skin, hands , feet and whole body. Water detoxifies the skin from inside and keep your body  moisturized all day long from inside.

iii) Talcum powder :- If your skin is sensitive than many types of fungal infections can happen within the space of your fingers. To take care of it one should apply a good quality talcum powder in between the fingers to keep away any kind of fungal infection.

iv) Stay protected from Sun :- Skin becomes dead due to harsh rays of sun and it also increases wrinkles and ageing process of the skin. Always protect yourself from the harmful sun rays by applying a good quality moisturizer and it you are tanned due to sun rays than just massage the affected part with a mixture of 2 glass milk combined with cinnamon, honey and almond oil it will not only remove the tan but you can store this mixture for 1 week in your fridge.

v) Massaging with oil :-  Massage your hands and with with different types of oils like lavender oil, sandalwood, rosemary oil.. You can also mix lavender and olive oil in equal proportions and massage it on hands and feet before going to sleep. You will have baby soft and smooth hands next morning. And i swear by this remedy.

So, this was my article on Making hands and feet soft naturally, for more upcoming articles related to natural cures, STAY CONNECTED.


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