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Hello everyone!
Today I am posting about natural cures for pimple that will reduce your pimple size or probably will cure it in 1 or 2 days. Their are some home remedies which can instantly cure your pimples. Sudden breakouts are a tension for everyone , it has happened with us at some point in our lives, before the day of a grand party or someone's marriage. So here are some natural cures for these obstinate pimples :-

i) Toothpaste :- If white toothpaste is applied on the pimple than it can do wonders. White toothpaste contains zinc which helps in decreasing the size of pimples faster. But be careful while using toothpaste because if you apply it by mistake on the unaffected area than it can burn your skin so be careful, apply it on pimples as night and in the morning your pimples will be gone.

ii) Aspirin :- Majority of medicines which are available in market for pimples contains salicylic acid , this acid is also present in aspirin. Just grind a tablet of aspirin and make a paste of it with water and apply it on the pimples. Pimples and it's marks will be also over this is because the salicylic acid present in the aspirin absorbs oil of the affected part so that the pimple gets healed faster. Sensitive skin type people should not use this remedy because it might not suit them.

iii) Cinnamon and Honey :- It is being said that cinnamon and honey are the most effective natural thing in curing pimples. Just 3 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of cinnamon powder and apply it on the affected area before going to sleep , wash it in the morning with warm water.

iv) Mustard Seeds :- Keep 3 tsp of mustard seeds in a bowl full of water for one night and make a thick paste of the mustard seeds with a little bit of water and apply it on the affected area, keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

v) Ice :- Keeping ice on pimple directly for a long time decreases the size of the pimple.

vi) Fuller's Earth ( multani mitti) :- It is being used since ages by Indian women for curing pimples and increasing their beauty.Make a paste of fuller's earth with rose water and apply it on whole face two times a day it will make your face clean and will also heal pimples. This remedy can also be used by sensitive skin people as it is a very safe and natural remedy.

So, this was my article on curing pimples in just two days, for more upcoming natural cures articles STAY CONNECTED.


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