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Beauty And Health Benefits Of Aloevera

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Today, I am posting about beauty and health benefits of aloevera. Aloevera is a plant which is mainly found in deserts, it has amazing moisture retaining properties and does wonders for skin and health. You can also plant it in your garden as it has properties to adopt into any environment, it may take some time but it will keep growing. Species of aloevera is around 550 of which 5 species are poisonous and rest are non-poisonous. It is widely used in cosmetic and medicine industries and it has amazing rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties. You can use it internally as well as externally. So, coming to the description about it, here are some beauty and health benefits of aloevera :-

        FOR BEAUTY :-
  • Cures skin diseases :- Aloevera gel is used for treating many skin diseases like eczema,dermatitis, acne and pimple marks. Just apply fresh aloevera gel on your face and affected part and do it regularly you will start having visible results within 1 or 2 weeks. As it has rejuvenating and healing properties so it cures such skin diseases very early.
  • Increases fairness :- Aloevera also whitens the skin giving it a natural and very subtle glow. If you apply aloevera regularly than you will find a big difference in your skin's complexion.
  • Used in many cosmetics and skincare products :- It is used in many skincare products as it has soothing and healing properties due to which many cosmetic and skincare company use it as a bas for their creams and cosmetics.
  • Cures acne :-  It is very effective in curing acne, just apply aloevera juice or aloevera gel on the affected part after cleansing and toning. Do it religiously two times a day, you will starts seeing visible results within 2 to 4 days.
  • Cures dandruff :- Aloevera is being used by women since generations for curing dandruff. Apply aloevera gel or aloevera juice on the scalp at night and leave it on the scalp for whole night and wash it in the morning. Do it regularly for one week and your problem of dandruff will be cured. Aloevera has moisturizing properties and when it is applied on the dry and flaky scalp it moisturizes it reducing the dryness and flakiness resulting in dandruff free hair.
         FOR HEALTH :-
  • Effective in managing diabetes :- Aloevera stabilises blood sugar levels and contains antidiabetic properties. It also augments circulatory health thus preventing numbness in the hands and legs one of the major symptoms of diabetic preipheral neuropathy.
  • Controls high blood pressure :- It is also very effective in controlling high blood pressure because it reduces blood's stickiness and promotes circulatory health by making the blood flow smoothly, thus preventing the heart from pumping forcibly.
  • Eliminates various types of tumors of cancer :-  It helps in eliminating various types tumors and cancer cells such as polysaccharides , a substance found in aloevera weakens and reduces cancer tumors and cells. Acemanan , a phytonutrient found in aloevera has anti-cancer properties so drinking aloevera gel or aloevera juice helps you getting protected from dangerous diseases like cancer too.
  • Cures arthiritis and inflammation :- I have myself used it as I was suffering from rheumatism which is a very common disease now a days and after drinking it regularly for 1 year and eating some hearbal ( ayurvedic ) medicines I was totally cured and rejuvenated from inside. Yes, aloevera is very helpful in curing arthiritis, rheumatism or any kind of pain in the body and alleviates inflammation of the eyes and ears. External application of the gel helps ease muscle and joint pain.
  • Improves Gynaecological Health :- It improves reproduction organs and healthy functioning of uterus and regulates mensturation and cures fibroid and ovarian cysts with herbal treatment. Since they contain anti-microbial properties that eliminates fungal and viral infections such as herpes and candida thereby preventing vaginal itching.It's anti inflammatory substances protect against gynaecological problems.
  • Works as brilliant first-aid solution :- It comes very handy and acts as an excellent first aid. It makes excellent dressing by increasing the blood flow, protecting the skin against harmful bacteria and infections  and it also cures third degree burns and prevent blisters and also protect from sunburns and if you are suffering from sun burns than just apply aloevera gel on the affected part. Soon, you will start feeling better.
So, this was my article on Health and Beauty Benefits of Aloevera , for more upcoming articles related to health and beauty, STAY CONNECTED. And don't forget to share your views in the comment box.


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